Our Beliefs

What does it mean to be filled with the grace of God? Sometimes it means that we have been forgiven. Sometimes it means that we have yet to ask God for forgiveness. Often we come to worship with things we’ve given to God and things that we haven’t let go of yet. No matter where we find ourselves when we come to worship on Sunday morning God’s Grace is present in our lives. We believe that everyone is loved by our Creator.

Then the service starts, and it becomes time to work out the meaning of our salvation in the good and the bad moments of life. We open the Bible and we listen. We bow our heads and we speak to the Lord. Then we spend more time listening. We sing songs of praise to a God who loves despite what we have done and are doing. We listen to people who tell a story about how the Holy Spirit is continuing to work in us.

What we believe is shaped and moved by the Word of God. What we believe is molded by the traditions of the people that have gone before us. The core of what we believe often is static, but it is changing around the edges because our experience of God has changed today in a new way. So we work all of this out together in our heads and our hearts. We remember that God works together for the good for those who love him.

I invite you to join us this Sunday and share your story with me. You are invited to come and wrestle with God with us, so that we might be closer to the Lord who loves us.